Toyota alerts customers of a data breach that has exposed their personal and financial information.

Toyota Financial Services (TFS) has issued a warning to its clients on a data breach, revealing that the incident resulted in the exposure of sensitive personal and financial information.

Toyota Financial Services, a division of Toyota Motor Corporation, is a worldwide organization that operates in 90% of the regions where Toyota sells its vehicles, offering automotive loans to its customers.

In the previous month, the corporation officially acknowledged the occurrence of illegal entry into certain systems located in Europe and Africa. This confirmation came after a statement from Medusa ransomware, claiming to have successfully breached the division of the Japanese manufacturer.

The perpetrators wanted a ransom of $8,000,000 in exchange for deleting the pilfered data. They provided Toyota with a 10-day ultimatum to reply to their extortion.

During that period, a representative from Toyota stated that the company has identified instances of unauthorized entry into some systems located in Europe and Africa. The corporation implemented measures to isolate the compromise by temporarily disabling specific systems, resulting in an adverse effect on client services.

It is likely that Toyota has not engaged in discussions to pay a ransom to the cybercriminals. At present, all the material has been exposed on Medusa’s extortion portal, which is located on the dark web.