23andMe Examines Massive Data Breach Amid Rumors of Hacking

23andMe, a well-known DNA testing company, is now looking into allegations of client data theft. This action comes after it was revealed earlier this week that the company’s client data was allegedly being offered for sale on a cybercrime website.

According to CyberScoop, a suspicious seller claimed to have vast amounts of 23andMe data in a post on a well-known cybercrime site. The seller included a link to an example of the data, which was identified as “20 million pieces of data.”

The claims, if accurate, indicate a concerning invasion of privacy considering the personal data that 23andMe manages. This includes blood types, names, residences, and a variety of other personal information in addition to genetic characteristics and family history.

“Particular 23andMe customer profile information was compiled through unauthorized access to individual 23andMe.com accounts,” the business has openly admitted knowing.

The data collection is large, and it’s yet unclear how accurate and comprehensive it is. The data collection was first made available for purchase on Sunday. It was then taken down, but by midweek it had reappeared, and the purported vendor was now providing a larger selection of data.

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