D-Link Hacked, Company Data are Taken by Cybercriminals

D-Link Corporation, a global provider of cutting-edge networking solutions to the commercial and consumer industries worldwide, has come under fire for allegedly experiencing a data breach.

On October 2, 2023, an unauthorized third party submitted the allegation on an online forum. This caused D-Link, with the assistance of Trend Micro, to launch a rapid and comprehensive investigation.

D-Link affirms that the event has no impact on its operations. The first allegation appeared to be false and unreasonable, but the investigation found other mistakes and exaggerations.

It has been established that the first assertion—that millions of user records were compromised—was untrue. The actual number of documents compromised was just about 700, and those records were fragmentary and outdated.

It is significant to remember that no private or sensitive data was compromised, and the compromised documents were quickly protected and deleted from the system.

As part of this pledge, D-Link promptly shut down the test lab’s associated services and carried out a thorough assessment of access restrictions.

We will take all necessary precautions in the future to guard against any potential dangers or threats in order to guarantee the protection of the rights of all users.

Current D-Link customers are reassured by the company that they won’t likely be impacted directly by the event. For further information, though, anyone with inquiries may get in touch with their local customer care.