Nissan is looking into possible data breaches and cyberattacks

Nissan, a Japanese automaker, is looking into a cyberattack that may have allowed hackers to obtain personal data and attacked its systems in Australia and New Zealand.

Although the attack’s specifics are unknown, the business notified Nissan Oceania customers of a possible data breach and alerted them to the possibility of scams in the days ahead.

Nissan Oceania is a branch of the well-known Japanese carmaker that operates in Australia and New Zealand, handling marketing, sales, distribution, and services.

The main page of the “” and “” websites both have a message from the corporation informing that the systems of the Nissan Corporation and Financial Services in Australia and New Zealand “have been subject to a cyber incident.”

According to the warning, the business has sent out a member of its worldwide incident response team to assess the extent of the hack.

“Nissan is working with its global incident response team and relevant stakeholders to investigate the extent of the incident and whether any personal information has been accessed,” said the automaker.

Nissan is alerting customers to possible scams that target account holders and the potential for account hijacking due to the serious danger of consumer data being exposed.