Microsoft Update for 2 New 0Days

Microsoft has fixed 59 issues across its product line with software updates, including two zero-day vulnerabilities that malevolent actors have been actively using against people online.

Out of the total of 59 vulnerabilities, five have been classified as Critical, 55 as Important, and one as Moderately severe. This update comes on top of the 35 vulnerabilities that have been fixed in the Edge browser, which runs on Chromium, since last month’s Patch Tuesday edition. Among those vulnerabilities is a remedy for CVE-2023-4863, a significant heap buffer overflow vulnerability in the WebP image format.


Some noteworthy vulnerabilities are elevation of privilege problems in Windows Kernel, Windows GDI, Windows Common Log File System Driver, Office, and Azure DevOps Server. These flaws affect Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), Visual Studio, 3D Builder, Azure DevOps Server, Windows MSHTML, and Microsoft Exchange Server.

We Strongly suggest you to update your Windows Systems now!

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