Update Adobe Reader and Acrobat Pro immediately!

A remedy for a serious security vulnerability in Acrobat and Reader that is being actively exploited is included in Adobe’s remedy Tuesday release for September 2023. This vulnerability might allow an attacker to run malicious code on vulnerable computers.

Tracked as CVE-2023-26369, the vulnerability affects the Windows and macOS versions of Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC, Acrobat 2020, and Acrobat Reader 2020. It has a severity rating of 7.8 on the CVSS scoring system.

If the flaw is successfully exploited, it may result in code execution by accessing a specially created PDF document. This is known as an out-of-bounds write. Adobe withheld any more information on the problem or the associated targeting.

(Score: 23) - 4.8/5