Gmail Basic HTML view will be discontinued in January 2024.

Google is alerting users of Gmail that in order to continue using the service, customers will need to have current browsers since the Basic HTML version of webmail will be discontinued in January 2024.

All users of the well-known webmail service will be automatically switched to the more contemporary Standard view, which supports all the most recent security and usability features, after that date.

Gmail’s basic HTML view is a condensed version of the program that lacks features like keyboard shortcuts, chat, spell checking, adding or importing contacts, custom “from” addresses, and rich text formatting.

This feature is intended for users who use outdated web browsers that do not support modern HTML capabilities, live in locations with internet connectivity, or use older hardware with less RAM.

The fact that text-to-speech programs used by people with visual impairments are more dependable—despite the Standard view’s introduction of technological complications that are more difficult for these tools to handle—is one of the main reasons consumers choose HTML view instead of Standard view.

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