Over $300 million were granted to ethical hackers by HackerOne

Since the platform’s launch, HackerOne’s bug bounty programs have given over $300 million in prizes to vulnerability researchers and ethical hackers.

almost $1 million USD has been awarded to thirty hackers for their submissions; one hacker surpassed the record by earning almost $4 million for bug reports.

HackerOne is a bug bounty platform that was established more than ten years ago. It links companies with a community of ethical hackers who find and disclose software flaws in return for rewards.

In essence, it’s a platform for organizing disclosures and hosting bug bounties that enables businesses to handle complaints, quickly fix problems found, and ensure that reporters are paid.

This year, firms completed the remediation of reported defects in an average of 25.5 days, which is a 28% increase over previous year.